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HPFWC Core Values

•Prayer - We believe that it is impossible to be a Christian if one does not pray. We believe that one cannot experience spiritual transformation if we are not disciplined to the act of prayer. Prayer is to the Christian what air is to the lungs. Real prayer is the believer participating in the Story of the Holy Spirit. We believe should pray to the Father in the name of the Son through and by the Power of the Holy Spirit. God has bound Himself with certain principles, precepts and Laws to do nothing unless the church prays. The Church needs to see itself as God’s womb upon the earth. Partnership exists between the Holy Spirit and the believer. Prayer and intercession releases God’s Work on earth. We believe that we cannot be before men what we are not before God. We believe through prayer: Bethel’s will occur; Meetings with God will occur, Heaven’s gates will open; destinies will be written, history will be shaped.

•Evangelism - There is no higher honor and no greater privilege that can be given the believer that for us to be connected with Jesus Christ in the blessed work of bringing a lost and dying world to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. The word “evangelism” comes from the word “euangelion” which means “gospel” IT means good news or momentous tidings. From the heart of the Christian comes the good news about God’s purpose, power and His love.

To evangelize is to present Christ Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit that men will come to put their trust in God through Christ, and to accept Him as Lord and Savior, serve Him as their King, in the fellowship of His church. The Early Church was torn up about the message of Christ. They talked about the death burial, resurrection, ascension, exaltation and soon return of Christ.

We believe if Christianity is to survive evangelism is necessary. It keeps God’s seed alive on earth. It spread His seed over the earth and subdues it. Both the existence of the Church and the enlargement of the Church are dependent on evangelism. Little remains of the burning conviction that without Christ men are forever lost. Evangelism will never occur inside a church house. If the Church fails to bring the gospel to the unsaved, it disobeys the command of her Lord; it declines in spiritual life; and forfeits her commission, and risk the removal of the candlestick being out of its place. Either we will give attention to it or cease to exist. When a church looses the zeal for evangelism it dies. IT is an indispensable force and life and action of the Church.

Evangelism is the church at work for the Lord. We believe that every Christian should do the work of an evangelist. Evangelism is the heart beat of God for our generation. We believe the strength of our church is not determined by how many we run in attendance but by our sending power. How many laborers are we sending forth to the harvest? We believe our greatest advertisement is the changed like that is sitting in the pew. As we live a transformed life before a world that is lost it opens the door for us to share our faith. We were filled with the Holy Ghost in order that we might be witnesses for the cause of Christ. A witness tells what they have seen and heard in the court of Law. Everyone who has followed Christ has been eager for others to come to know him as well.

We believe that an evangelistic church is a reservoir of pure water with a pipe to every heart in the community, and in every nation of the world. An evangelistic church is truth on fire not a truth on ice. An evangelist church is an army on the march with every face toward the enemy. An evangelist church says, “Storm the fort because God is leading.” We believe our faith is either an acute fever or a dull habit. A church that is alive in Christ and edified in the faith will exhibit the effects of its new life. Where are the Andrews of the Church that every time they are mentioned they are bringing somebody to Jesus Christ? Anyone who ever became a genuine follower of Jesus Christ was eager for others to come to know Him as well. In the Book of Acts one was not considered to be revived unless they shared their faith with others.

Fishermen of men. God is the rod; Jesus is the Line; the hook is the Holy Spirit; and the bait is the gospel. Fishermen are involved in three appointed tasks: (1) cleaning their nets; (2) mending their nets and (3) getting ready for the next catch.

It is our story so why don’t we tell it.

•Pentecostal Worship - Thanksgiving will take you into the courts, praise will take you through the gates and worship will take you into the house. We believe that we should worship God in the Biblical way He has laid down in His Word that He is to be worshipped. Where we are positioned in Christ determines our walk and our walk determines our worship. Our worship determines our warfare. The maturity of a church is determined by the depth of its worship. Man was saved in order to worship. It must be done Biblically and through the Spirit. We believe that our worship before God determines our ministry to our fellow man. Worship produces His presence that produces His power that produces His anointing that breaks the yoke. We believe that worship when it is right will pull others into it. It will produce a breaking in the lives of sinners.

We believe that Pentecost is more than just tongues. It is about us having an intense passion to know Jesus more and more. It is about the church coming into their harvest and the poor of this world can come and glean in the corner of their fields and walk away with destiny in their souls. It is God Word written in fire in our hearts. It is about us renewing our covenants and commitments to worship.

•Discipleship - Pupils, learners, worshippers, witnesses and reproducers. Crowds followed Jesus but only a few of them were disciples. While many today are chasing miracles, wonders and signs. The Great Commission is not for the church to make converts but for the church to make disciples.

•Giving - Spiritual people edify the house with their time, talents and stewardship. By us bringing our Tithes and Offerings to the House of the Lord the windows of heaven are opened and God pours us out a blessing so that there is not room to contain it.

•Community - We are a worshipping community where the Lordship of Christ is proclaimed and the Holy Spirit is at work. We have been washed in the same Blood, birthed in the same Womb, filled with the same Spirit, fighting for the same Cause, and heading for the same Destination.

•Gifted Leadership - Dependent on the Holy Spirit, teaching and living out God’s Word.

•Discipleship - Where God’s people are ready for works of service, using their gifts to the fullest.

•Corporate maturity - Riding high on the tide of one another’s lives, while being honest and transparent and speaking the truth in love.

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